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Cleanroom during construction
Area designated for Cleanroom

Our Clients brief was the construction of a new Clean Room to create a contamination free controlled environment for the manufacture of aircraft components The construction involved carrying out all buildworks around the existing manufacturing area to avoid disruption to works. The works consisted of:

  • Preparation works,
  • Installation of Hemsec clean room walls & ceilings including vision panels,
  • Relocation of power & lighting,
  • New airlocks interlocked with Hyspeed doors,
  • All associated works painting, decoration replacing all floors.
  • Mechanical Ventilation Systems including installing AHUs with filters, Siemens Climatix 600 control system, chilled water dehumidifiers, Mac 10 HEPA fan filter units, cooling type AC units, chilled water pipework & pumps, heat extract fans, all ductworks, field wiring, testing and commissioning
  • Mechanical & Electrical works including all alteration works, relocating and renewing of lighting supply, all 240 110v sockets, relocation of vacuum pipework, installation of cold water feed to chilled water units and relocation of sprinkler heads into new ceilings

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